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Self-assessment: setting expectations on the Russo-Ukraine War

The Audit: 2023

Why things are even worse than you think

Terrorism as Strategy

The Top Ten Books on British Politics

Reflections on Kissinger's death and a visit to Vietnam

The Election No One Wants to Talk About

What should Ukraine do next?

Fairy Tales

Why “Not losing" is not tantamount to winning

There are always choices

Rishi finally makes a choice

Running on Empty

Could global energy markets become a weapon in the Hamas-Israel War?

Casualties and Conflict: Gaza and Ukraine

The Narrow Path

Israel: Beyond Deterrence

Demystifying Macron’s foreign policy

The Rules of the Game

Israel's Strategic Crisis

Beyond the Narrative

Sergei Karaganov Tries to Find a Way to Win Russia’s War

Hamas attacks Israel

Where does all the money come from?

Changing the Narrative: Disinformation campaigns and Social Media

Where does all the money go?

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Liz Truss is right – Britain has become more left-wing

Stalemate, Zugzwang and a long Middle Game

The Pivot

The Saturday Read Conversation: #3

Send Us Your Questions + A (Late) Summer Update

The Choice

An Interview with Mike Kofman

American Grand Strategy, Realism, and the Russo-Ukraine War

Populism vs Reality

Ukraine's offensive: is it failing?

What Works vs What Wins

The Global South, BRICS, and the G20

The Disconnect

My Kendom for a Horse?

Oppenheimer: The Bomb, Morality and Strategy

Breaking Point

Ukraine's Counter-Offensive: Setting Expectations

How not to use polling

China and Russia: The Weight of History

A Beginner's Guide to Public Speaking

The Role of Security Guarantees


Attrition before breakthrough

Q+A: The Answers

What I got wrong about tuition fees

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That was the coup that was

Prigozhin's Mutiny

Going Round in Circles

Does Artificial Intelligence Change the Nature of War?

How bad does it need to get?

The Death of Captain Waskow

Case Closed

Salami Slicing, Boiled Frogs, and Russian Red Lines

Reconstruction at a time of war

The Policy Paradox

The Constitutional Consequences of Boris Johnson

Can Ukraine's Air Defence Systems Cope?

Beware the Squirrel

Why "Coalition of Chaos" won't work this time

A Victory Parade Without Victories - Take Two

Realignment Realigned: The Local Elections Review

Why Apple Won the Personal Computer Race

Local Elections 2023: The Preview

The impact of sanctions

Misuse of Power

Will (state) capitalism save the climate?

Time for Ukraine's Offensive?

Spring Update

Cargo Cults and Client Journalism

The Strategy Behind Moore's Law

Running Out of People

False Expectations

Still Bakhmut

Collision Course

Blair's decision to support Bush's War

Ordeals and the Empathy Gap

Capabilities and Commitments: The Integrated Review and AUKUS

Defeating Treasury Brain

The Language of War

Is US support to Ukraine at risk from the Republicans?

Reassurance With a Purpose

One Step at a Time: The Stages of War

Video Q+A

Am I Being Unfair on Boomers?

Finding a Role: how the UK Military Contribution to the Iraq War was decided

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How to (Almost) Lose an Election

The Storm Before the Calm

Putin's Twilight: a Prelude to Darkness or a New Dawn?

Boomers and the Ultimate Failure of Thatcherism

Iraq 20 Years on: The Story of the Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction

Is everyone fighting the wrong election campaign?

Proxies and Puppets

"Is the NHS in a Death Spiral?"- Responses

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Zeitenwende

Is the NHS in a death spiral?

Makiivka and Bakhmut: The Impact of Russian Casualties

The Changing Politics of Aspiration + Fairness

The One Year Anniversary Post