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The Audit

Who Can Guarantee Russian Security?

What Next for China?

Getting Brexit Undone

Books of the Year

AUKUS and Alliance

YIMBYs, NIMBYs and the Battle for the Soul of the Tory Party

Is Russia losing?

Doom Loop

Failures of Imagination

“Inexcusably Awful”

Autumn Update and Final Thoughts on the Midterms

Why Putin prefers ‘War-War’ to ‘Jaw-Jaw’

Will Rishi Sunak Revive the Tories?

General Winter Knocks at the Door

Preparing for Government

Things Fall Apart

Q+A with Lawrence and Sam

Getting to Negotiations


Wacky Races: A Guide to the US Midterms

Retribution and Regime Change

Out of Control

Putin's Annexation and Lyman's Encirclement

Game Over?

Cannon Fodder

Is there any way Truss could win the next election?

Going Nuclear

The Politics of Effective Altruism

Gradually, then Suddenly

The New Cabinet and What it Tells us About How Truss will Govern

The Economic War

The Coming Storm - Part Two

The Coming Storm - Part One

Constantly Operating Factors

On writing about command

Getting the most out of twitter

Winning Through Attrition

Responses to "Confessions of a former Government adviser"

Confessions of a former Government adviser

Russia and China: Perils of Autocracy

A Short Summer Update

The Battle for Kherson and Why it Matters

Sunak vs Truss

Facing up to reality

Time for the Russian Army to take stock

The Bitter End

Can Ukraine Win?

What impact could tactical voting have on the next election?

The Nostalgia Trap

Paralysis in Moscow

Is the Rwanda Deportation Policy Popular?

Mega-identities and the Partisan Spiral

Spirits of the Past

What happens now?

Is Boris Johnson's luck finally about to run out?

The Real Realignment

How long will the war last?

A Warning from Oz

The Sad Death of the Centre-Right

Q+A on the War in Ukraine with Lawrence

Breaking the Black Sea Blockade

“He says it like it is”

A Victory Parade Without Victories

Local Elections: The Review

Why False Flags are Normally False

Monthly Digest - Edition 4

Local Elections: The Preview

Escalators and Quagmires

It's not a dead cat!

The Rise of the Far Right in Europe

Absolute Ends with Limited Means: Putin’s Self-Deception

Some further thoughts on "Why British Politics is Broken"

Why is British politics broken?

NATO and Ukraine

Can Le Pen win the French Election?

The Russo-Ukraine War: Phase Two

The Monthly Digest - Edition 3

Q+A on the Russo-Ukraine War with Lawrence

The Problem with the Donbas

Lessons From a Near Death Experience – a Year On

Losing Wars and Saving Face

Trump and the War

Putin and the People

The Bankrupt Colonialist

Predicting the War; Predicting the Consequences

Giving Peace a Chance

Space and Time

The Consequences of War for Britain

Russia's Plan C

The Monthly Digest - Edition 2

The Fight for Ukraine

A Reckless Gamble

Why is the Government so bad at fighting the culture war?

Putin, NATO and European Security

Wrong Number

A Labour Majority at the Next Election is Under-Priced

Can the Iran Nuclear Deal be Rescued?

What Dominic Cummings Gets Wrong

How will the Russia-Ukraine Crisis end?

Never Apologise Never Explain

Sue Gray Has Outfoxed Boris Johnson

The Monthly Digest - Edition 1

Partygate and Ukraine

Kids and Social Media: a Mental Health Crisis or Moral Panic?

Narrative Shift – why did the line on Boris change so abruptly?

Russia, Ukraine, and the UN Charter

Filtering the covid signals from the noise

Waiting for Gray

Has diplomacy with Russia failed this week?

How do we get a new Prime Minister?

Is Russia Preparing For War?

How to change your mind

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